Umaaji Hikiwari Natto 100.6G

NYC Delivery Only


● It is a natto that is easy to eat for children and elderly people.
● Uses coarsely ground soybeans that have been split into slightly larger pieces. By splitting it into coarse grinds, a slight space is created between the grains to make the fermentation uniform, and the natto is finished with a natto flavor that gives the taste of natto while feeling the flavor of soybeans.
● Sauce adjusts the balance of kelp extract and soy sauce, and comes with "Kelp Dashi" that you can feel the flavor of kelp by removing the miscellaneous taste.
In addition, a universal design ampoule cut is used to make it easy to open and pour.

● お子様や、ご年配の方にも食べやすいひきわり納豆です。
● やや大きめに割った粗挽きのひきわり大豆を使用しています。粗挽きに割ることで、粒間に若干の空間ができ発酵が均一化され、大豆の風味を感じつつも納豆の旨みを感じるひきわり納豆に仕上げました。
● たれは昆布エキスと醤油のバランスを調整し、雑味をとって昆布の風味が感じられる“昆布だし”を添付しています。


● Hikiwari soybeans (USA or Canada) (not genetically modified), rice flour, natto bacteria, (some include soybeans)
● Sauce [Soy sauce, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, salt, kelp extract, brewed vinegar, dried bonito extract / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, (some include wheat and soybeans)]
● Mustard [Mustard, brewed vinegar, salt, vegetable oil / acidulant, coloring agent (turmeric), vitamin C, thickening polysaccharide, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), spices, (some of which include soybeans)]