Goku Buka Blue Frying Pan 28Cm 1P


■材質:本体/アルミニウム合金(内面 ふっ素樹脂塗膜加工、外面 焼付塗装)


■Size: about total length 48.5 x width 29.5 x height 16.5 cm
■ Dimensions: 28cm
■Materials: Main body/Aluminum alloy (inner surface: fluorine resin coating, outer surface: baking finish)
Beam bottom/stainless steel
    Handle/phenolic resin (heat-resistant temperature 150 degrees)
■Country of origin: China

■ Features:
● "Blue Diamond Coat", a strong coating with a three-layer structure on the inner surface that contains diamond particles and is extremely durable.
●Compatible with all heat sources, such as IH cooking heaters and halogen heaters, as well as gas fires.
Easy to use because the spout is on both sides.
●Because it is a deep type, you can also cook simmered dishes.