Amanoya Petit Kabukiag 6p 90g


Since each grain is small, it is easy to put in your mouth, and it comes in 6 bags of edible size. Using the same soy sauce and coarse sugar as the sauce of "Kabukiage", the seasoning is finished to match the petit size.

一粒が小さいのでお口にパクっと入れやすく、食べきりサイズの6袋入りです。 「歌舞伎揚」のタレと同じ醤油や粗目砂糖を使用し、プチサイズに合う味付けに仕上げました。


Uruchi rice (US, domestic), vegetable oil, sugar, soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans), high fructose corn syrup, salt, seasoning extract (including soybeans) / processed starch (derived from wheat), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), Caramel color