To White Solid Cleaner Fruity Leaf



The glossiness of the toilet lasts for two weeks just by sticking it on.
*With standard use, each product can be used after about 2 weeks. (About 1 month with 2 pieces) However, it varies depending on the amount of water, water temperature, temperature, usage method, etc.
●It has 5 effects: cleansing, anti-darkening, anti-fouling, anti-pink stain, and fragrance.
●The effect of keeping the whiteness of the toilet bowl realized because it is an unprecedented solid type.
*It does not prevent all coloring stains. The effect may vary depending on the usage environment and the degree of dirt. In addition, the effect can be maintained if you continue to use the product.
●Concentrated formula with a high concentration of active ingredients. Remove dirt and wash away.
●Each time it is washed, the antifouling power increases and makes it difficult to attract dirt.
●An anti-color stain formula prevents blackheads and pink stains from occurring.
●Since it is a disposable type, it is hygienic during storage.
●Because it is small and white, it fits well in the toilet bowl and is inconspicuous. (Size when pasted: about 27 mm in diameter and about 8.6 mm in height)
* This product does not affect the septic tank and the bacteria in the septic tank.