Kao New Attack 3X Deterogent


抗菌水洗浄技術採用。『抗ウイルス(衣類に付着したウイルスを減らす)』『洗たく槽の防カビ』 『すすぎ1回でもOK』『残り湯でもOK』

Cleans the roots of dirt, odors, and bacteria.
(Stains from spilled food) (Smells such as sweat and socks) (Even food for invisible bacteria)
Softeners and bleaching agents for clothes (oxygen-based) can also be used. Refreshing clear fragrance.
Uses antibacterial water cleaning technology. "Anti-virus (reduces viruses attached to clothes)" "Anti-mildew in the washing tank" "One rinse is OK" "Remaining hot water is OK"