Gateau Raisin Cookies 85G Bourbon


Slowly soaked raisins in rum, studded with milk-flavored whipped cream and sandwiched with soft cookies. Please enjoy a slightly mature and soft taste that makes the best use of the characteristics of the ingredients.

じっくりとラム酒で漬け込んだレーズンを、ミルク風味豊かなホイップクリームにちりばめ、ソフトなクッキーでサンドしました。 素材の持ち味を活かした、ちょっぴり大人でソフトな味をお楽しみください。


Wheat flour, shortening, raisins, maltose, butter, margarine, sugar, liquid whole eggs, water candy, isomerized liquid sugar, Western liquor (including orange), skim milk powder, skim milk powder, liquid egg yolk (including eggs), vegetable fats and oils, Cream (including milk ingredients), whole milk powder, reduced milk candy, butter milk powder, salt, cocoa butter, fermented seasoning, spices, lactose / sorbitol, trehalose, sake spirit, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance (derived from milk), swelling Agent