Sonic Vibration Silicone Cleansing Brush Men



音波振動シリコン洗顔ブラシfor men 肌をこすらず、音波振動により汚れを浮かせて落とすシリコン製の洗顔ブラシです。 毎分約6,000回の音波振動で汚れを浮かせて除去します。肌の負担を抑えながらもしっかり汚れが落ちます。 3形状のブラシで顔全体洗浄・ピンポイント洗浄・マッサージ用と使い分けが出来ます。お風呂で使える防水仕様.

Brand: Sonic vibration silicone facial cleansing brush
Men's dirty cleansing
A silicon cleansing brush (for men) that uses sonic vibration to remove dirt without rubbing the skin.

Sonic vibration silicone facial cleansing brush for men A silicone facial cleansing brush that lifts and removes dirt using sonic vibrations without rubbing the skin. About 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute lift and remove dirt. Dirt comes off firmly while reducing the burden on the skin. The 3-shaped brush can be used for washing the entire face, for pinpoint washing, and for massage. Waterproof specifications that can be used in the bath.