Ebi Sen 107G Sanko


The rice crackers with shrimp are baked with a soft texture and fragrant. Please enjoy the delicious salty taste that brings out the "fragrance" and "taste" of the shrimp.

海老が入ったおせんべいをやわらかい食感に、香ばしく焼き上げました。 海老の『香り』と『味わい』が引き立つ、旨みの効いた塩味をお楽しみください。


Rice (Chinese, US, domestic), vegetable fats and oils, salt, shrimp, sugar, shrimp extract powder, dextrin, protein hydrolyzate (including wheat and soybeans) / processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), red yeast rice Pigment, plant lecithin (derived from soybean)