Hijiki Chirimen Kamameshi 20


It is an elegant taste that combines the flavor of hijiki and chirimen with the flavor of plum. Contains hijiki seaweed, chirimen-jako, kuwai, shiso, carrots, and sesame seeds. Comes with a special soup stock with a delicious grilled chin. The aroma, richness and umami are different. One bag is 3 go of rice and 3-4 servings.


■ Ingredients
Hijiki, water shavings, plum paste, sesame, soybean oil, salt, dried carrots, fermented rice seasoning, chirimenjako, dried perilla leaves, protein hydrolyzate (including soybeans) / thickener (modified starch), Seasonings (amino acids, etc.), acidulants, fragrances
■ Dashi
Soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans), sugar, salt, bonito extract (including soybeans), dried bonito extract (including wheat), yeast extract (including soybeans), protein hydrolyzate (including soybeans and gelatin), Grilled flying fish extract, mackerel shavings, bonito shavings, bonito shavings, dried bonito (coarse crushed), konbu extract, dried bamboo shoots / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sake spirit