Lec Vegetable Fruit Wash Sheet


●激落ち 使いやすい野菜洗いシートは、「巻いて」「包んで」使える野菜・果物洗いスポンジです。
●「じゃがいもやリンゴなど丸いものには包んでサッと! 」「ごぼうなどの細長いものには巻いて一気に! 」シートスポンジなので、凹凸や曲面にもフィットします。


The easy-to-use vegetable washing sheet is a sponge for washing vegetables and fruits that can be "rolled" and "wrapped".
●You can use it by unfolding it, folding it, rolling it, and changing its shape according to what you wash.
Uses a coarse sheet that removes dirt well.
●Since it uses a de-filming sponge, it drains well and dries quickly, making it hygienic.
● "Wrap around round objects such as potatoes and apples quickly!"
A new proposal for washing vegetables from REC.
●You can clean potatoes, taro, lotus root, burdock, etc. simply by soaking them in water and rubbing them.

■Size: 190×130×5mm