Lec Dishwashing Sheet



●It is a dishwashing sponge that can be used by "rolling", "wrapping", and "folding".
●You can use it by unfolding it, folding it, rolling it, and changing its shape according to what you wash.
● Since there is a "corner", you can wash even the fine grooves.
●Since it uses a de-filming sponge, it drains well and dries quickly, making it hygienic.
●The fluffy sponge contains air and foams well.
● “Spread it on a large plate and use it quickly!” “If you roll it up, it will reach the bottom of the cup at once!” “If you fold it, it will reach the grooves!”
Can be used for cooking utensils such as frying pans, lunch boxes, water bottles, tableware, glasses, and cutlery