Lotte Koume Chan


The Koume Candy is a hard plum candy released by Lotte in 1974 and now it’s become one of the most loved Ume flavored treats in Japan.

The product actually consists of 2 different types of Ume candy; most are small in size with a three-layer structure.

 Although the smaller Koume candy itself is sweet, it is coated with salty-sour Ume powder and even has a somewhat acidic Umeboshi paste filling.

 Hence, you can savor 3 different Ume flavors while you are sucking on the small candy.


Ingredients: Reduced palatinose, plum powder, plum juice powder/sweeteners (sorbitol, stevia, acesulfame K, sucralose), acidulants, emulsifiers, fine silicon oxide, flavors, vegetable pigments