Toothbrush Child Slimsoft Fu


■ブラシの特徴 平らなブラシ形状&先細ヘッドで歯面と奥歯をしっかり磨ける。
■ サイズ(mm)
奥行 14×幅 34×高さ 235
■ 重量(g)
■ 仕様
柄の材質:ABS / PP樹脂毛の材質:飽和ポリエステル樹脂
■ 原産国

■Kiss You "Ion Toothbrush" is a healthy toothbrush that efficiently removes dental plaque, which is the cause of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and bad breath, with the effect of negative ions from the built-in battery, and at the same time, makes the gums lively with the action of ions.
■Characteristics of the brush The flat brush shape and tapered head allow you to thoroughly polish the tooth surface and back teeth.
■ Size (mm)
Depth 14 x Width 34 x Height 235
■ Weight (g)
■ Specifications
Handle material: ABS/PP resin Bristle material: saturated polyester resin
■ Country of origin Japan