New Hair Brush Vess Mineral


ヘアエステすると 遠赤外線放射・マイナスイオン発生
髪と地肌を活性化・髪の保湿力アップ 髪イキイキ健康!
天然ミネラル鉱石配合 水分の吸収力がアップ

Far-infrared radiation and negative ions are generated when hair treatment is performed.
Activates hair and scalp, increases moisture retention of hair Makes hair lively and healthy!
Contains natural mineral ore Increases water absorption
Smooth brushing for glossy hair
blow brushing type
For hair beauty treatment, this brush contains natural mineral ore that emits far-infrared rays in the bristles to grow healthy and beautiful hair.
・Blood circulation promotion effect
When far infrared rays are emitted, the blood is activated and the circulation to the capillaries is improved, which promotes the growth of the scalp and promotes the growth of healthy and beautiful hair.
・Increase moisture retention of hair
Moisture replenishment while brushing activates and absorbs the moisture replenished to the hair, which improves the moisture retention of the hair and creates a moist and moist hair.
Heat resistant temperature: 90℃