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Ramen Hero

Enjoy restaurant quality Ramen at home

Ramen Hero makes it easier than ever to enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen when the craving hits. No need to go out or even wait for delivery.

Our story

In 2015, ramen-obsessed Hiro Hasegawa had just moved to San Francisco. He loved the city... but he had one big problem.Hiro had scoured the Bay Area searching for that comforting "umami" taste of home. Unfortunately, the best ramen shops were often hard to get to and required waiting in long lines. Hiro knew there had to be an easier way to have real "Honkaku" ramen in America, even if no one had done it before. That spark of inspiration, set Hiro on a path that led to the creation of Ramen Hero.Fast forward to today and our mission remains the same: give every person in American access to the most delicious, most authentic Japanese ramen experience available anywhere.

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