We carry approximately 4,500 items.

From Japanese sweets, snack and groceries to Bento boxes and Deli foods, Bento boxes and variety of side dishes are freshly made at store every morning. And we also carry fresh Vegetable, meats, fishes of Japanese kinds, household goods.
Deli section makes Japanese Prepared foods, Bento, Donburi(Serve over rice), Sushi, Rice ball, salad, Ramen, Udon, Soba noodle, curryrice and other Japanese cuisines.
Immerse yourself in Japan's food culture at Dainobu.
In the development of Dainobu USA Cross-border EC

The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries are one of the overseas investment projects to drive exports.
Providing information as part of the Ministry's supporting business "Food Industry Global Development Promotion Project for fiscal 2018"
We receive support such as and will plan expansion of business further in future.


Creating the company, the stores and staffs which meet the needs of the community.

1. Set your own goals clearly to be a responsible and reliable person.
2. Always look at the customer's point of view to ensure customer satisfaction.
3. Put your best effort in everything you do.
4. Maximize sales with minimal expensesy.
5. Act and judge fairly with morals.
6. Always have consideration, kindness, and gratitude.
7. Be honest and face your customer's positively.
8. Never give up. Finish everything until the end with a strong heart and will.
9. Always find ideas to improve.
10. Do your job creatively.


Company Name Dainobu USA,Inc.
Established 05/08/2008
President Yasuyuki Dainobu
Address 43-31 33rd Street 4th Floor Long Island City NY 11101
Tel 646-469-7992
Business Type Retail : Japanese Deli Grocery Store
Parents Company Dainobu Store Co., ltd.(http://www.dainobu.com/)
Parents Company Address 552 Kumanoshiou Jonan-machi Shimomashiki-gun Kumamoto Japan 861-4203
Parents Company Head Store Address 430-1 Shinta Shimomiyaji Jonan-machi Shimomashiki-gun Kumamoto Japan 861-4204
Tel : 81-964-28-2033 Fax : 81-964-26-2033
Established 05/04/1961
Sections Superstore Dainobu(Supermarket)
Marui LPGAS sales agent
Apparel Store Sunbird (franchise)
Flower Shop Fururu
100 Yen Shop Daiso(franchise)
Coin Laundry SKY
Shopping Center PALMS





1916     Kenichi Dainobu started Store and transportation trade.

1946     Takeo Dainobu opened grocery store.

1953     Kenro Dainobu succeed to one's grocery store.

1955     Started selling of GAS

1957     Started trading from Iwatani GAS

1961     Dainobu Store Ltd Co. Founded by Kenro Dainobu

1973     Grocery store introduced self store

1976     Grocery store renovated to Supermarket (200㎡) and Started selling of perishable foods

1982     Apparel shop Nagasakiya Sunbird (franchise) opened

1992     The Shopping Center PALM'S(6000㎡) Opened in Jonan-machi Shimomashiki-gun Kumamoto.

1994     Laundromat SKY Jonan and ¥100Shop Daiso (franchise) Opened in Shopping Center PALMS

1995     Yasuaki Dainobu was inaugurated as President & CEO

1997     Rental Video Shop MEDIA MIX Jonan (363㎡) Opened in Shopping Center PALMS.

1998     Rental Video Shop MEDIA MIX Uto(495㎡) Opened in Juzenji Uto of Kumamoto

1999     MEDIA MIX Uto Started 24hour open.

2000     Rental Video Shop MEDIA MIX Higashi-machi (330㎡)and The Laundromat SKY Higashi machi Opened in Shopping Town MARKS Higashi machi Kengun of Kumamoto

2001     Super Store Dainobu Hagiwara(Supermarket(1650㎡)) and The Laundromat SKY Hagiwara Opened in Shopping Town Kumamoku Hagiwara -machi of Kumamoto

2003     MEDIA MIX Uto founded Internet Cafe booth in Rental Video Shop.

2006     MEDIA MIX Higashi-machi remodel a Rental Video Shop into a Internet Cafe.

2008     Dainobu USA, Inc. established in New York. Japnanese Deli Grocery Store E129 47th St Opened in Midtown East of Manhattan.