Kikkoman Soy Sce


"Kikkoman Koikuchi Soy Sauce" is a traditional brewed Koikuchi soy sauce that can be used for everything from soaking and sprinkling to cooking.
Since it is fired (heat treated), it is characterized by its solid richness, fragrant scent, and deep color. It has a good balance of "color", "taste" and "fragrance", so it complements any dish.

「キッコーマン こいくちしょうゆ 」は、つけ・かけから調理まで万能に使うことができる昔ながらの本醸造こいくちしょうゆです。


Ingredients:Solvent degreased soybeans (soybeans (US or Canada (less than 5%)) (not genetically modified)), wheat, salt, soybeans (not genetically modified) / alcohol