Marudaizu Nama Shibori Shoyu 450Ml Kkm


"Kikkoman Always Fresh Freshly Squeezed Maru Soy Sauce" is a whole soy sauce that has not been "burned" (heat treated), unlike ordinary soy sauce.
Using 100% whole soybeans, it brings out an elegant sweetness and mellowness. Take advantage of the deliciousness of the ingredients, from soaking and sprinkling to cooking.

「キッコーマン いつでも新鮮 しぼりたて丸大豆生しょうゆ」は、通常のしょうゆと違い、「火入れ」(加熱処理)をしていない丸大豆生しょうゆです。

Ingredients:?Soybeans (USA) (not genetically modified), wheat, salt,