Hon Tsuyu Soup Base 500Ml Kkm


Concentrated soup stock with a strong flavor by using a combination of four types of bonito flakes, Soda bonito flakes, sardine bonito flakes, and tuna bonito flakes and kelp soup stock, and adding sugar to the soy sauce. is. It's 4 times more profitable, so it's a versatile seasoning that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as boiling from mentsuyu with a richer taste and for sprinkling.



Ingredients:Salty soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat), glucose-fructose liquid sugar, sugar, salt, bonito (bonito, Iwashi, soda bonito, tuna), bonito extract, wheat fermented seasoning, seafood extract, mirin, kelp / seasoning (amino acids, etc.) ), Alcohol, acidulant