Ajipon Mitskan 710Ml

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かんきつ果汁・醸造酢・しょうゆがひとつになった他では味わえない絶妙な風味の調味料です。 鍋料理をはじめ、おろし焼肉・焼魚・ぎょうざ・冷奴など「つけて」「かけて」幅広くお使いいただける「ニッポンのさっぱり味」調味料です。

Citrus juice, brewed vinegar, and soy sauce all come together in a seasoning with an exquisite flavor that you can't find anywhere else. A seasoning that can be used in a wide range of ways, including hot pot dishes, grated yakiniku, grilled fish, dumplings, cold tofu, and more.