Goku Kotsubu Mini 50G Okame

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● A long-selling product released in the 1980s.
● It is an orthodox natto that brings out the thread and umami by fermenting it firmly under its own strict quality control. Very small soybeans blend well with condiments and rice.
● The attached "Natto Sauce" has a strong taste and saltiness that goes well with the umami of natto.

● 1980年代に発売されたロングセラー商品。
● 独自の厳しい品質管理のもと、しっかり発酵することで糸と旨味を引き出したオーソドックスな味わいの納豆です。極小大豆が薬味やご飯によく馴染みます。
● 添付品の「納豆のたれ」は納豆のうまみに良く合う、旨みと塩味をきかせたしっかりとした味わいです。



[Natto] Whole soybeans (USA or Canada) (separate production and distribution controlled), rice flour, natto bacteria, (some of which include soybeans)
[Sauce] Protein hydrolyzate, sugar-mixed glucose-fructose liquid sugar, soy sauce, salt, brewed vinegar, dried bonito extract / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, vitamin B1, (some include wheat and soybeans)
[Mustard] Mustard, brewed vinegar, salt, vegetable oil / acidulant, coloring agent (turmeric), vitamin C, thickening polysaccharide, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), spices, (some include soybeans)