Party Mix 85G Orchids



原材料:もち米、大豆、醤油(大豆、小麦、食塩、酒精)、砂糖、小麦粉、米粉、えんどう豆、えび、ごま、でん粉(じゃがいも、とうもろこし)、海苔、唐辛子、植物油脂、パーム油 、食塩、風味増強剤:E621、E635、着色料:E129*、E133、E102*E110*、E150a、E160c。 * 子供の活動や注意力に影響を与える可能性があります。

We have selected the most essential parts of squids as raw materials to process this Japanese rice cracker mix of all popular rice crackers from japan.

Ingredients: glutinous rice, soybeans, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat, salt, alcohol), sugar, wheat flour, rice flour, peas, shrimp, sesame seeds, starch (potatoes, corn), seaweed, chili, vegetable oil, palm oil, salt, flavor enhancer: E621, E635, coloring: E129 *, E133, E102 * E110*, E150a, E160c. * Can affect the activity and attention in children.