M/Hot Kokumaro Curry 140G Ho


・ The curry roux is a blend of two rouxes, "Ameiro Onion's Rich Roux" and "Cream Mellow Roux", so you can enjoy a rich curry with sweetness, umami, and spice in your mouth. You can enjoy it.

Ingredients:Edible fats and oils (beef fat and pork fat mixed oil (domestic production), palm oil), wheat flour, starch, salt, curry powder, sugar, saute curry paste, onion powder, onion processed products, sesame paste, dextrin, spices, defatted soybeans , Whole milk powder, garlic powder, protein hydrolyzate, processed yeast extract, glucose, roasted garlic powder, processed cheese, concentrated fresh cream, flavored vegetable flavored powder, yeast extract, cheese powder / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Caramel pigment, emulsifier, acidulant, fragrance, sweetener (sclarose), spice extract, (some include dairy ingredients, wheat, sesame, soybeans)