Pure Smile Choosy Black Pear


チュージーのハイドロゲル リップパックパール ブラックパール

Chuzy Hydrogel Lip Pack Pearl Black Pearl
A little adult lip care with hydrogen sheets with pearls. A hydrogel pack exclusively for lips that securely locks in 10 kinds of luxury ingredients. The hydrogel in a transparent gel-like sheet adheres perfectly to the lips. The hydrogel melts in response to body temperature, and the luxurious beauty ingredients penetrate deep into the lips. Contains highly moisturizing ingredients that lead to "plump lips" with moisture and firmness. ・Black Pearl: Contains acidophilus / fermented grape - moisturizes and softens the skin. Pearl Formula - Moisturizes and soothes the skin. Contains hazelnut fat - moisturizes and tones the skin.