Liberta Baby Foot For Men


ngredients Water, ethanol, isopropanol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, arginine, hydroxyethylcellulose, fragrance, phenoxyethanol, propanediol, potassium hydroxide, salicylic acid, glucose, cymen-5-ol, citric acid, apple. Acid, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, BG, yarrow extract, fennel extract, chamomile extract, mistletoe extract, hop extract, melissa extract, sulfuric acid (Al/K), sodium lactate, licorice root extract, persimmon tannin, tea leaf extract, Alpinia purpurea Leaf extract, Althea root extract, Arnica flower extract, Hypericum flower/leaf/stem extract, Chamomile flower extract, Horsetail extract, Ivy leaf/stem extract, Sage leaf extract, Calendula officinalis flower extract
Directions for use Perform a patch test 48 hours before use.
1. With your feet clean, such as after taking a bath, open the foot pack along the dotted line with scissors and put it on.
2. Adjust the foot pack so that it adheres to your skin with the attached fixing tape so that it does not come off, and wait for about 60 minutes. When walking, please be careful not to tear the foot pack or fall.
3. After about 60 minutes of use, remove the foot pack and wash off the gel on your feet with soap.