Mutenka Non-Additive Dish Detergent Bar Soap 12.


ミヨシ 無添加 食器洗いせっけん 370ml
ブランド:ミヨシ 無添加せっけん



Miyoshi additive-free dishwashing soap 370ml
Brand: Miyoshi Additive-free soap
Sales/manufacturer: Miyoshi Soap

Additive-free kitchen soap such as fragrances, colorings, preservatives, etc., which is great for wet work around the kitchen where you tend to worry about chapped hands.
A pure soap made from natural ingredients (rapeseed oil, palm kernel oil), it features fine lathering and excellent lather removal.

how to use
●Use an appropriate amount (approximately 3ml) on a sponge and whisk well before using (a teaspoon for cooking is approximately 5ml).
●Because rinsing may cause dirt to re-adhere, please rinse with running water.
●Do not dilute with a bottle, etc., and use the undiluted solution.
It may cause deterioration and germs.
*Because it only contains pure soap, it is slippery, so please be careful when handling tableware.