Nihon No Meito Bath Salt Noboribetsu Bottle 450G


●くつろぎの 登別カルルス(北海道)
●登別観光協会 共同企画

●Turn your bath into that famous hot spring.
●Relaxing Noboribetsu Carlus (Hokkaido)
●Noboribetsu Tourism Association joint project
●Dissolution color: Milky white (cloudy type) reminiscent of the white snow of the northern mountains and Nupulbetsu (white and murky river in Ainu language)
●Fragrance: The scent of the clear air wafting from the primeval forest of Orofure Pass, the highest ozone zone in Japan.
●Water quality: Baking soda salt water/sodium/sulfate/hydrogen carbonate water