Toamit Disinfectant Spray


Toa Industry Co., Ltd.
Sterilized fresh 350ml 
sanitizing spray

Toa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Brand name: Disinfectant Fresh

Sterilization and deodorization of indoor space, furniture, kitchen area, toilet/bath area, etc.

Main ingredient
Water, stabilized chlorine dioxide (sodium chlorite) aqueous solution, silver ion

<Precautions for use>

●Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
●Do not use a large amount at once.
●This product is not a drink.
●Do not spray this product directly on human skin, underwear, or pets.
●Do not store in places where infants, people with dementia, or pets cannot touch, places exposed to direct sunlight, places with high temperatures (including in cars), or places with high humidity.
●If you do not like this product, or if you experience any changes in your mood or body during use, please discontinue use immediately.
●Do not use if you feel any abnormality on your skin or physical condition during or after spraying.
●Do not use if you are prone to allergies or rashes, or if you have symptoms of asthma.
●Be careful not to inhale or get sprayed when using.
●This product has a slight bleaching effect, so please do not use it on leather products, furs, or fabrics with colored patterns.
●Do not use this product on precious metals, precision instruments, jewelry, etc., as it may corrode metal.
●Please note that the solution may spill if this product is left lying down.
●The effect varies depending on the usage environment. If sprayed outdoors in a wind or in a place with strong air flow, the original effect cannot be demonstrated.
●Do not use in places near fire, rain, sweat, wetness, etc.
●This product is not effective against all viruses and bacteria.
● Please follow the classification of each municipality for disposal after use.