Onpo Botanical Natural Floral E45G 12Pack Earth




● Contains 10 kinds of botanical moisturizing ingredients to gently moisturize the skin, tablet type carbonated bath salt.
Chamomile extract, rosemary extract, nova rosea extract, aloe extract, coat wort extract, Hypericum extract, linden extract, calendula extract, cornflower extract, chlorella extract
- Gentle additive-free type: synthetic colorant-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free (non-alcoholic)
● Physical care before bedtime: stiff shoulders, back pain, fatigue, sensitivity to cold
- The color of the hot water is colorless and transparent
● Recommended for sensitive skin Skin-friendly formula: Skin allergy tested and stinging tested (The stinging test is a test to check for skin irritation and tingling sensation during use.) * Not all people will not experience allergies or skin irritation.

[Pops with bubble bubbles] 4 types of natural floral scents that are particular about the material
(1) Contains geranium scent and geranium oil (in fragrance)
(2) Contains lavender scent and lavender oil (in fragrance)
(3) Contains rosemary scent and rosemary oil (in fragrance)
(4) Contains neroli scent and neroli oil (in fragrance)