Hot Spring Series Onsen Meguri



- A hot spring village famous in Japan for four seasons. You can enjoy the atmosphere of a secret hot spring and the feeling of a hot spring in your home bath.
● The active ingredient enhances the hot bath effect, warms the body from the core and promotes blood circulation.
● After the hot water, the refreshing texture and warm warmth continue.
【Motoyu Onsen Shiobara Onsen Town】Hot water color: milky mauve color, clear highland flower scent
【Yunoya Onsen Mizukami Onsen Town】Hot water color: milky white (nigori), calm forest scent
【Shibu no Yu Onsen Okutateshina Onsen Town】Hot water color: Green (transparent), the scent of simple flowers blooming in the sun through the trees
【Wayama Onsen Akiyama-go Onsen Town】Hot water color: blue (transparent), scent of the wind-scented valley
* This product is not a reproduction of a hot spring.
● This product does not contain sulfur that fills the bathtub and bath kettle.
【Contents】Motoyu Onsen Shiobara Onsen 30g × 4 packets, Yunoya Onsen Mizukami Onsen Village 30g × 5 packets, Shibu no Yu Onsen Okutateshina Onsen Village 30g × 4 packets, Wayama Onsen Akiyamago Onsen Village 30g × 5 packets