Onpo Soda Squash Bath Salt Lavender Earth




● Assortment pack of tablet-type carbonated bath salts that you can enjoy the thick texture of hot water.
- Thick hot water and a veil of ions wrap around the body. The feeling of warmth persists even after the hot water is over.
● Furano lavender scent ingredient blend (fragrance): Contains fragrance ingredients that have been analyzed and reproduced by Furano lavender scent.
● Body care before bedtime

[4 kinds of herbs that attract lavender, lavender scent, transparent water]
(1) Chamomile lavender scent, lavender violet water color (transparent)
● A scent where you can feel bright and refreshing chamomile and freshly picked lavender.
(2) Geranium lavender scent, elegant green water color (transparent)
- A scent where you can feel the dignified elegance of rose geranium and natural sweetness of lavender.
(3) Orange flower lavender scent, warm yellow water color (transparent)
- A scent where you can feel soft and sweet orange flower and gentle lavender.
(4) Jasmine lavender scent, herbal green water color (transparent)
- A scent where you can feel the elegant gorgeous jasmine and warm lavender.


【Active ingredient】
Sodium bicarbonate, dry sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate
[Other ingredients]
Succinic Acid, Dextrin, PEG6000, Calcium Silicate, Liquid Paraffin, Trimethylammoniohydroxypropyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Chloride, Fragrance, (+/-) Blue 1, Yellow 4, Yellow 5, Yellow 202 (1), Red 102, Red 227