Bath Salt Lemon




・It enhances the effect of hot bathing, promotes blood circulation, and is effective for recovering from fatigue, sensitivity to cold, and stiff shoulders.
・A hot spring element with a veil of ions that wraps around your entire body, leaving you feeling warm and warm even after you have finished bathing. *This is not a reproduction of hot spring water.
[Contains ginger extract (moisturizing ingredient)]
[A highly concentrated scent spreads in an instant]
・A refreshing lemon scent containing natural essences spreads throughout the bathroom.
- Finished with a pleasant scent that makes you feel refreshed.
[Contains natural chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredient) that is gentle on the skin]
●Contains chlorine removal ingredients to relieve the tingling sensation of Sarayu
●Allergy tested (not all people will not have allergies)
●Can also be used when bathing with a baby (over 3 months old).
●Water-resistant barrier container: Conducted showering test assuming that it will be stored in the bathroom for 30 days
-Eco-friendly container: Approximately 77% recycled pulp (paper part of the container body)
●Refreshing lemon scent
●Lemon yellow hot water (transparent)

[Efficacy] Recovery from fatigue, sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, roughness, heat rash, eczema, acne, cracks, chilblains, chapping, bruises, sprains, sensitivity to cold before and after childbirth
[Contents] 600g (approx. 30 servings) *When using 20g