Earth Bathroman Bath Salt Yuzu




●Highly formulated with hot spring ingredients (sodium sulfate): Enhances the effect of hot baths, promotes blood circulation, and is effective for recovering from fatigue, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, and sensitivity to cold. A veil of ions wraps around your entire body, leaving you feeling warm and warm even after you finish the bath.
●Bath additive containing ginger extract (moisturizing ingredient)
●The highly concentrated scent spreads in an instant! : The warm yuzu scent with natural essence spreads throughout the bathroom. Created with a relaxing scent that will soothe your mood.
●Contains natural chamomile extract that is gentle on the skin (moisturizing ingredient)
Contains chlorine removal ingredients to relieve the tingling sensation of hot water
●Allergy tested (not all people will not have allergies)
●Can also be used when bathing with a baby (over 3 months old).
●Water-resistant barrier container: Conducted showering test assuming that it will be stored in the bathroom for 30 days
●About 30 servings *When using 20g
[Fragrance] Warm yuzu scent
[Hot water color] Warm green hot water (transparent)
[Active ingredient]
Dry sodium sulfate, sodium hydrogen carbonate
[Other ingredients]
Glycine, chamomilla extract-1, ginger extract, ethanol, dry sodium sulfate, PEG-8, silicic anhydride, fragrance, yellow 202 (1)