Earth Bathroman Yakusen Bath Salt


●たっぷり約30回分 ※20g使用の時



●W ceramide combination
・Ceramide II (moisturizing ingredient): Maintains moisture by supplementing the function of ceramide II, a natural ingredient in the skin.
・Ceramide III (moisturizing ingredient): Gently wraps your skin and makes it look vibrant.
●Contains beauty serum ingredient (moisturizing ingredient) squalane oil
●The active ingredients enhance the hot bath effect and promote blood circulation, which is effective for recovering from fatigue, sensitivity to cold, and rough skin.
Contains natural chamomile extract that is gentle on the skin (moisturizing ingredient)
Contains chlorine removal ingredients to relieve the tingling sensation of hot water
●Allergy tested (not all people will not have allergies)
●Can also be used when bathing with a baby (over 3 months old).
●About 30 servings *When using 20g
[Active ingredient]
Dry sodium sulfate, sodium hydrogen carbonate
[Other ingredients]
Ti oxide, silicic anhydride, glycine, chamomile extract-1 (chamomile extract), squalane, stearoyldihydrosphingosine (ceramide II), stearoylphytosphingosine (ceramide III), glycyrrhizic acid 2K, polyacrylic acid Na, polyacrylic acid, ethanol , dry sodium sulfate, PEG stearate, POE(300)POP(55), bentonite, soap base, fragrance
[Hot water color]
Warm white hot water (cloudy)