To White Solid Cleanerflower


・ 5つの効果 All in one (洗浄効果、防汚効果、黒ずみ防止効果、ピンク汚れ防止効果、芳香効果)
・ 有効成分を高濃度に配合した濃縮処方を実現。汚れを落として洗い流す
・ 流すたび防汚力が強まり汚れをよせつけにくくする
・ 着色汚れ防止処方で、黒ずみ、ピンク汚れの発生を防ぐ
・ 白いトイレが続くことでお掃除回数が減る
・ 小さくて白いから便器に馴染んで目立ちにくい
・ 使い捨てタイプだから保管時も清潔
・ 効果持続期間は1個につき約10日間。 1箱に4個入なので、 1箱で約40日分
・ 香り:サボンフィズの香り、 フラワーパルフェの香り、 フルーティーリーフの香り

・ 5 effects All in one (cleansing effect, antifouling effect, anti-darkening effect, anti-pink stain effect, fragrance effect)
・ Realizes a concentrated formula that contains a high concentration of active ingredients. remove dirt and wash away
・ Each time it is washed, the antifouling power is strengthened, making it difficult to attract dirt.
・Prevents dark spots and pink stains from occurring with anti-color stain formula
・ The number of cleanings is reduced by continuing white toilets
・ Because it is small and white, it fits in the toilet bowl and is inconspicuous
・ Because it is a disposable type, it is clean even when stored.
・ The duration of effect is about 10 days per piece. One box contains 4 pieces, so one box is enough for about 40 days.
・ Scent: Soap fizz scent, flower parfait scent, fruity leaf scent