Trap Cockroach Earth


Hoy Hoy Trap-A-Roach is a non-toxic trap, ideal for monitoring levels of cockroach infestation. Ideal for institutions and buildings with catering or kitchen facilities. Cockroaches can cause damage to collections through nesting, excreting fluids, frass and attracting other pests.

The trap has a sticky floor, approximately 15cm x 10cm with a food attractant sachet to entice cockroaches to enter the trap. This form of monitor is designed specifically for the cockroach pest infestation or monitoring programme.

The highly effective food attractant lures cockroaches into the monitor getting stuck in the glue within. The trap is the most popular and effective cockroach trap around, and is the brand leader amongst professionals in the UK and around the world. Traps are non-toxic and odourless.