Kasugai Gummy 100 Mix 09076


Kasugai Gummy 100 Mix Gummy Candy are delicious Japanese fruit flavoured gummies. They are so delicious and juicy, with a super soft texture, pure fruit juice extract and sweet fruity flavours. The perfect anytime treat for everyone. Each gummy has been individually wrapped to preserve freshness and so you can take a couple with you for an on the go treat. Yummy! This bag contains a mix of fruit flavours including, Apple, Grape and Muscat.


Corn Syrup(Corn starch, water), sugar, concentrated juice(Apple, grape, strawberry, muscat), geletin, oblate powder(Potato, corn, soybean), D-sorbitol. acidulate(Citric acid, malic acid), artificial flavour, pectin, carnauba wax, vitamin C, emulsifier[glycerol esters of fatty acids, lecithin(soybean)], colouring[FD & C yellow No. 5(tartrazine), FD & C blue No. 1(Brilliant blue FCF)