Sekimagoroku Ginsu Kitchen Knife Thin 165Mm 1Pc


【Description of item】
■Authentic Japanese kitchen knife made of rust-resistant stainless steel. Resharpening possible.
■We are strong in rust with "molybdenum vanadium stainless steel cutlery".
■The handle is made of natural wood that has a high-class feel and is resistant to water.

Rust-resistant and easy-to-use stainless steel Japanese knives series. The origins of Seki blacksmithing began when swordsmiths who moved from Kyushu to Seki (Mino) in the Kamakura period started making swords in this region blessed with high-quality soil, water, and charcoal. Many famous swords were born, but the master craftsman "Seki no Magoroku" devised a unique sword making, and brought out the best craftsmanship with outstanding sharpness and high artistic quality. From the Edo era to the Meiji era, many of the swordsmiths in Seki changed their jobs to the manufacture of household knives. The conviction that Seki's swords were praised for "not breaking, not bending, and cutting well" is firmly inherited in modern knife making. This product, "Sekimagoroku", was signed by the 27th generation Kanemoto, the swordsmith Kinzokuroku Kanemoto. "Authentic sharpening" of traditional construction method Easy to re-sharpen, full-scale sharpening with attention to sharpness is applied.

[Product specifications]
■Size: 292×40×18.5mm
■Weight: 118g
■ Blade length: 165mm

Blade: Single-layer stainless steel (blade material: high-carbon molybdenum stainless steel) (blade shape: single-edged)
A base: Nylon (heat-resistant temperature 90 degrees Celsius)
■ Pattern: natural wood

■Country of origin: Japan