Sekimagoroku Kinsu Stainless Kitchen Knife Deba


Inheriting the conviction that Seki's swords were praised for being "unbreakable, unbendable, and cuts well", the craftsmanship and sharpness of the craftsmanship has been handed down to the present day [Sekimagoroku].

By adopting a stainless steel material "molybdenum vanadium steel" with a hardness close to that of steel, sharp sharpness and durability are improved, rust resistance and maintenance are easy.

The handle material is made of octagonal laminated reinforced wood, which has a high-class feel, excellent strength, and a good fit. The joint between the blade and the handle is made with unique waterproof measures to achieve high durability and strength. Did.

This knife is useful for filleting fish, and the thick blade can also be used to chop the bones.

*This product is made in Japan.

Size (approx.) Total length 28cm
Blade length: 15 cm/base material thickness: about 5.0 mm
Weight about 242g
Material/Material Blade: Molybdenum vanadium stainless steel
Base: Nylon (heat-resistant temperature 90 degrees)
Handle: laminated reinforcing material
Country of origin Japan