Rice Ball Pocket Sheet 25Cm?E?~3M Asahi Kasei


[Product details of Cookper rice ball wrapping sheet]
-It is a [W (double) sheet] that is a smooth sheet (silicone resin processed glassine paper) and aluminum foil bonded together.
●With a smooth inner sheet, rice and glue are not sticky and can be peeled off cleanly.
●It is a sheet size (width) that makes it easy to wrap rice balls.

【how to use】
・How to wrap
Please use the paper side inside.
・How to pull out the sheet
If you don't know where the drawer is, grab the sheet and pull it out.
【raw materials】
Glassine paper coated with silicone resin, aluminum foil

[Standard overview]

・Do not use with open flames or cooking.
・Keep the sheet away from flames, heat sources, and IH cooking heaters. The sheet may burn or catch fire.
・Do not use in the microwave.
・If food with strong acidity or salt content such as umeboshi, miso, and soy sauce is wrapped for a long period of time, the foil may become discolored or eroded to form holes.
・The foil may discolor if stored in a humid or steamy place.
・When wrapping hot rice balls, the surface of the paper may look discolored. This is due to the discoloration of the inside of the foil from the steam, which does not affect the food.
・Although it can be wrapped with aluminum foil, it does not prevent sticking or stickiness.
・When disposing, do not burn it at home and follow the method specified by each local government.
・When opening the package, be careful not to touch the inner blade.

Cooker rice ball wrapping sheet