Chamame Shioaji 400G Nissui

NYC Delivery Only


Freshly picked tea beans were boiled and frozen.
Even the inside of the beans has a moderate amount of salt hydrangea.
Comes in an aluminum pack that retains its flavor.
As it is, it can be used as a snack. Also as a cooking ingredient such as salad.
Please enjoy by thawing naturally, thawing in running water, or thawing in a microwave oven.


  • 実入りがよいとれたての茶豆をゆでて冷凍しました。
  • 豆の中まで、ほどよく塩あじがついています。
  • 風味を保つアルミパック入り。
  • そのままでおつまみに。サラダなど、お料理の素材としても。
  • 自然解凍・流水解凍・電子レンジで解凍してお召しあがりください。