Udon Soup 6Packs 48G Hi-Maru


"Udon soup" allows you to easily enjoy the flavorful udon soup just by dissolving it in hot water.
This authentic Kansai-style udon noodles are made with the umami of Hokkaido kelp and the richness of dried bonito flakes, and finished with this brewed light-mouthed soy sauce.
Because it is soup stock, it can be widely used for various menus such as soup stock, omelet rolls, cooked rice, chawanmushi, and oden.


Ingredients:Salt, powdered light soy sauce, sugar, glucose, powdered soy sauce, onion, soy protein enzyme decomposition product, dried bonito, kelp powder / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment, (some include wheat and soybeans)