Unicharm Silcot Premium Cotton


With moisturising ingredients and a light and soft texture, these cotton pads are perfect for cleansing and removing makeup and nail varnish.


  • It is gentle on the skin, and the surface is 100% natural cotton with moisturizing ingredients to achieve a soft and soft touch
  • Created light and moist texture by adding moisturizing ingredient to natural cotton.
  • Moisturizing ingredient (no moisturizing effect on the skin), used in moisturized tissues, is added to natural cotton.
  • Absorbs moisture in the air to give soft texture to the puff.
  • Round cut, no corners.
  • Thoughtful side stitch allows for smooth gliding on your skin.
  • No fuzz means you can use it in many ways.
  • For patting or pressing lotion or milky lotion.
  • For wiping or removing makeup with wipe-off lotion or cleansing lotion.
  • For using with a facial device or nail polish remover.
  • Fluorescent brightening agents are not used.
  • Pad Size: 72mm x 55mm
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Application: putting, blending, facial equipment, nail polish remover

The super-fine long-fibre structure removes micro-impurities! The puff is covered with a sheet - a double-layered structure.