Leed Cooking Sheet Large Lion



●The 1cm check pattern makes it easier to use. You can cut it to the size you want to use or use it as a guideline for squeezing. Easy to size! ●Double-sided smooth processing that does not stick even with non-oil. Glassine paper with a uniform thickness is coated with silicone. The surface of the sheet has no unevenness, so the food does not stick to it and can be peeled off smoothly for a clean finish. ●It is difficult for oil and water to pass through, and cleanup is easy. And it's durable. You can cook with no oil, so you can cook healthy. ● It is easy to remove the winding habit, and it is easier to fit on the top plate and mold. ●Oven cooking, sweets making, microwave cooking, steamed dishes, drop lids and wrapping ●30cm*5m