Aromarich Lion Softener Fragrance Fabric




Aroma fabric softener that keeps your favorite scent forever. With the “Freshly Blooming Aroma Method”, the fresh scent you feel when you pour it into the cap can be felt until you take off your clothes. Diana is a “Feminine Rose Aroma” scent with a gentle and feminine image, in which a pure English rose is gently wrapped in a soft, powdery sweetness.

n the case of a fully automatic washing machine, put this product in the softener (finishing) automatic inlet and wash it (automatically added during rinsing).
In the case of a two-tank washing machine or hand washing, when the rinsing water is clean, put this product in it and spin it for about 3 minutes, or soak it and dehydrate it.
*If your washing machine has "Rinse" and "Rinse with water", select "Rinse".