Oil Solidifier Kokubo



"Hardened Pon" is a powder-type edible oil treatment agent composed of natural fats and oils. When discarding tempura oil, mix 1 packet (20g) with 600 mL of oil and let it cool, it will harden into jelly and be disposed of as burnable garbage. It is convenient because the fried residue can be used together to solidify the oil evenly. It is easy to peel off and clean up after deep fryers and pans.


(1) 調理後、火を止めて油が熱いうちに(80度以上)「固めてポン」を入れます。
(3) そのまま油をさまし、ゼリー状に固まるまで置きます。
(4) 固まった油はフライ返しなどではがして、燃えるゴミとして捨てます。


[How to use]
(1) After cooking, turn off the heat and add "hardening and pon" while the oil is hot (80 degrees or more).
(2) Stir well until the "firm and pong" is completely dissolved.
(3) Drain the oil and let it sit until it hardens into a jelly.
(4) Peel off the hardened oil with a frying and dispose of it as burnable garbage.

* When the temperature of the oil is 40 degrees or less, it hardens into a jelly shape.
* The coagulation time varies depending on the room temperature and the amount of oil.
* Standard usage: 1 packet (20g) per 600 mL of oil