Osushiyasan Rolled Sushi Maker Kokubo


Size: width 25 × length 30 cm

-Body weight: 145g

●Material: Polypropylene

●Country of origin: Japan

[Product specifications]
Breakdown: Color: Orange
[Product Details]
"Wagaya wa Sushiyasan Kurutto Makisu Orange" is a makisushi with uneven surface that prevents sushi rice from sticking to it. It's a large size of 25 cm wide and 30 cm high, so you can also roll a roll cake. How to use (1) Open 1 cm in front of the nori seaweed and 2-3 cm on the other side, and place vinegared rice on top. It will be easier to spread the vinegared rice evenly if you spread it out after placing it in small portions.
(2) Place the ingredients slightly below the center, and wrap the vinegared rice on the front side so that it is dipped into the vinegared rice on the other side.
(3) Let it cool down for about 2 minutes while it is wrapped in a rolling stool. When cutting, wipe the knife with a damp cloth while cutting. Usage Precautions ●Please read before using. Please keep it while using it.
●When using for the first time, wash well with dishwashing detergent.
●Depending on the ingredients, color may transfer to the main unit.
●After use, wash with a sponge soaked in dishwashing detergent, drain and dry thoroughly before storing.
●Do not place near fire. It may soften and deform.
●Store out of direct sunlight as it may cause discoloration and deterioration.
●Do not use for any purpose other than its intended purpose. Quality display Material: Polypropylene
Heat-resistant temperature: 120 degrees Country of origin: Japan