Dani Clean Laundry Detergent


UYEKI Daniclin whole finishing agent 500mL 

Description of item
■ Features It can also be antibacterial!
○ Easy mites countermeasures while washing
Guard your bedding from dust mites that also cause house dust. By giving the sheets and covers a mites-repellent effect, it prevents mites from migrating from the futon to the sheets and from entering the bedding from the tatami mats and mats.
Can be used with bleach and fabric softener
●It is an ingredient that does not irritate the skin and can be touched with the mouth.
●Just put it in when rinsing. The non-stick effect lasts for 2-3 washes.
●Softener, bleach, and paste can be used together.
●Washable carpets and mats can also be used.
If you do not wash frequently, the effect will last for about a month. (according to our test)

It is safe because it does not use insecticidal ingredients.
It does not kill ticks directly!
●Insecticides cannot be used frequently, and if you use them repeatedly, you need to wait at least one week.
Although it does not have the immediate effect of killing mites like insecticides, it can be expected to have a long-lasting effect that cannot be obtained with insecticides.

○ Guard your bedding with a “hard-to-remove effect”!
The whole Daniclin anti-mite finish gives sheets and covers an effect that prevents mites from repelling them. Prevents mites from entering the bedding from tatami and mats, and from moving from futon to sheets.
・It is difficult to attract ticks to the bait
Mites feed on people's dander, dirt, and food residue on the surface of bedding and tatami mats. The effect of making it difficult for ticks to approach such bait is a big advantage.
■ Displayed ingredients <ingredients>
Aliphatic carboxylic acid ester, antibacterial agent
■ Usage/Dosage/Method of use <Method of use>
Fully automatic washing machine, drum type washing machine: Put this product in the softener slot and wash it.
2-tank washing machine: When the rinse water is clean, put this product in, stop the water injection and turn it for about 5 minutes.
●After dehydration, let it dry naturally in the sun. (Using a dryer will damage the active ingredients to some extent.)
*Please use tap water for rinsing when inserting this product.
* You can use this product even when washing clothes and sheets together. (There is no problem even if this drug adheres to clothing.)

<Approximate Usage Amount>
For 100% cotton sheets
Washing machine capacity (laundry amount): 7kg (5.5kg), Water volume: 65L...Measurement cap guideline: 37mL
Washing machine capacity (laundry amount): 6kg (4.5kg), Water volume: 60L...Measurement cap guideline: 30mL
Washing machine capacity (laundry amount): 4.2kg (3.0kg), Water volume: 45L...Measurement cap guideline: 20mL
Washing machine capacity (laundry amount): 2.2kg (1.5kg), Water volume: 30L...Measurement cap guideline: 10mL
1 cap is 37 mL
●In the following cases, increase the amount used by approximately 1.5 times.
* When finishing items that use chemical fibers such as acrylic.
* When finishing large items such as towel blankets, blankets, carpets, and mats.
* When drying with a dryer.

Washable sheets, covers, towel blankets, blankets, carpets, mats
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