Hello Kitty Baby Mug Cup Mb-11 1Pc Osk




●電子レンジ加熱できます。■対象年齢:3ヶ月頃〜■サイズ:φ81×120×H158mm 目盛り容量:200ml 本体容量:270ml■備考:素材・成分:ポリプロピレン生産地:日本

●Training to suck while holding the handle
・The nipples are soft to the touch and can be switched smoothly from breast milk.
・Cross-cut nipples that allow you to adjust the amount you drink according to your baby's sucking power.

*You can change it to a training mug by replacing the nipple with a spout (sold separately).
* You can change to a straw mug by replacing the entire lid with a straw mug cap set (sold separately).

●Can be sterilized with boiling water.
●Can be heated in the microwave. ■ Target age: 3 months ~ ■ Size: φ81 x 120 x H158mm Scale capacity: 200ml Body capacity: 270ml ■ Remarks: Materials/ingredients: Polypropylene Country of origin: Japan