C Tive Cheek Color 5 Koji


Produced by Chiaki Ito and supervised by Shinobu Igari
Preparing color × texture color cheek colors that determine the expression by overlapping two colors

● Overlay two colors
It is Igari's style to use two blush colors in layers instead of mixing them.
By using a combination of two colors, you can create three-dimensional cheeks with a soft texture that makes your skin look raised.

●Apply with your fingers The key to using his Igari makeup is to use your hands. Since you apply it with your finger instead of a brush, the heat and oil content of your finger will make the blush blend into your skin.
Also, excess blush remains on your fingers to prevent over-applying.
Easy-to-carry case
With a clear case that allows you to stack two colors, you can easily touch up your makeup on the go.

● Customize to your favorite combination
Since stacking containers are used, it can be freely combined with other product numbers.